Quick! Stream Santigold’s Newest Album “99¢”


Santigold is streaming her newest album “99¢” on NPR before it officially releases February 26th.  If you’ve never listened to Santigold, you’re in for a treat. The artist stays true to her upbeat and lighthearted spirit in the new album, while still addressing bigger issues.  In an interview with Vogue, Santigold explains how the album is a “happy record” that still talks about “some really heavy things going on in the world.”  The heavy things Santigold is referring to in 99¢ are centered around the commodification of identity in today’s popular culture.  Rather than enjoying life, or rather the music, we’re oversharing overedited selfies to make ourselves seem cooler.  For the sake of the art, hold off on the Snapchat vids and listen to the music! (Read her full Vogue interview here.)

Listen to the album using NPR’s streamer below.  Listen to my favorite track from the album, Who Be Lovin Me featuring iLoveMakonnen on Soundcloud.


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