A New ‘Ye Album Is In The Works 🕹


In February, there were reports that Kanye was working on a new video game-themed album titled TURBO GRAPHX.  We had already gathered a short list of collaborators, including Kid Cudi, Mike Dean and Plain Pat.

Fast forward ten months, too many rants to count, and hospitalization, and the album is back on the burner – this time with help from Pete Rock.

Pete Rock posted a series of mysterious videos, one of which had the caption “Playing 45s in da lab with Kanye West.”

That’s not all.

THEN, in one of the videos, Pete Rock spanned past a notebook with a list many are suspecting is a track list.

Sources close to Kanye (or just media frenzy) have claimed that Kanye compared his recent meltdown to his emotional state at the time of his mother’s death.  This imminently lead to his MBDTF album (unarguably a classic).  Of course, we’d never wish emotional trauma on anyone; but, let’s hope this album lives up to the inevitable hype.

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