LISTEN: Willis’ Newest EP “Color Room”


Willis, aka WillyfromIndy, released his first EP of 2017: Color Room.  And according to him, this is only scratching the surface.

What I appreciate most about Willis and his EP is his candor.  The reflections in his tracks never represent something that he’s not – in fact, the struggles he rhymes about are actually quite normal.  In the EP’s introductory track, Once In Awhile, Willis reflects on family and financial issues.  Quite frequently, he expresses hardships in the present tense – he knows he hasn’t quite made it yet. But he’s on his way.

This honesty is a breath of fresh air in an industry that praises embellishment.  And it’s quite obvious that the rest of the hip-hop community embraces this honesty… dude is doin’ numbers!

Check the facts and listen to the EP.

And in a week I got more views than your last release. Check facts.


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