Get to Know the Brand

Get to Know the Brand

Soul Culture.  For the Culture.

I’ve always loved the beauty in street culture – the music, fashion and overall lifestyle has always been appealing.  But, I also felt like there was authenticity missing from the mainstream sites and sources that my friends and I were following.

Now I’m supplying my own high.

I initially created this blog to privately combine my love for writing with my passion for urban culture. Eventually I found the courage to publicly share my thoughts on culture with the world, and now I aim to provide quality content to those of us who don’t care about the hype but are actually passionate about what’s going on in urban street culture in the Midwest region of the United States.

Get to Know Me.


I’m Bria (@beecarter33 on social) – a forever college student who loves chicken tenders, Pharrell Williams, and exploring the world via travel (not in any particular order).

One day, I realized that I was spending pretty much all of my free time scrolling through mainstream street wear and hip-hop blogs and struggling to find articles that weren’t sponsored or that featured small-time brands and artists – especially those that I grew to love in the Midwest.  No one cared about discussing these topics for the sake of passion, but instead to boost their dollar and follow trends.

I wanted to read articles from like-minded souls who were genuinely interested in new ideas and developments in the street culture space, rather than reading about the same exact trend from the same exact sources.

Here you have it: Soul Culture.

This site is meant to be a collaborative space.  If you’re interested in contributing your creative talent to Soul Culture, please contact us through the form below.