Willow Smith Is The Face of Fashion’s Future


The Smith kids are constantly in the headlines. Just this week, W Magazine credited Willow with being next in line to take over the transforming fashion industry.

Why do we care? 

It’s evident that people are sick and tired of hearing about the Smith kids. After Jaden’s recent photoshoot with Louis Vuitton womenswear, folks took to Twitter to complain about his unconventional approach to fashion. What seems to be flying over people’s heads is that Jaden and Willow are representative of tomorrow’s fashion trends.  Weird? Maybe. Revolutionary? Absolutely.

Really? Revolutionary may be a bit dramatic…

I said what I said! Willow and Jaden are both coined as experts in counterculture meaning they prefer a lifestyle that is directly opposed to today’s prevailing social norm.  I know what you’re thinking, well duh we knew that when Jaden showed up to Ye’s wedding in the Batman suit – or maybe even when Willow dyed her dreads blue and stuck safety pins in them. And while you may laugh, we’ve seen this too many times before. From Debbie Harry’s punk rock edge that terrified conventional standards of beauty and fashion in the ’70s to Madonna’s outlandish stage costumes – normal has never been it. What makes these teenagers iconic is not their celebrity or even their parents, it’s their determination to be different and to change the judgements of society while doing it.

I thought this post was about Willow, though? 

Yes! Jaden’s had his fair share of tabloid headlines, but the focus of this post is about Willow’s recent takeover of the fashion world.  Just a few days ago Willow was named Ambassador to Chanel. This was no accident.  Willow’s appearance at the Chanel Paris show was nothing short of futuristic – sleek, black catsuit, flashing bright eyeliner and wildly styled locs.  The superhero look (as coined by Guardian) starkly contrasted with Chanel’s conventionally classic style; and Karl Lagerfeld’s announcement of Willow as ambassador made a bold statement – one of striking change and diversity.


My favorite part of Willow’s accomplishment had to be her Instagram announcement, where she was sure to give some of that #BLACKGIRLMAGIC credit. Go ‘head Willow!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.02.58 AM.png

Check out the W Magazine feature here.


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