Amazing New App “Cocoa Swatches” Demonstrates Makeup on Darker Skin Tones

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.33.55 AM.png

Any woman of color knows how difficult it can be to find makeup products that work for them.  Advertisements frequently show fair-skinned women, and some makeup brands fail to cater to darker-skinned women all together.   Take lipstick – seems like such an easy-going shopping process, right?  Wrong. Lipstick shades look completely different on different skin tones; what’s advertised in pictures and online by big brands look totally different on a person with a darker complexion.

Cue: Ofunne Amaka. Ofunne created the Instagram profile Cocoa Swatches to demonstrate how the newest makeup products look on darker complexions.  How innovative! The Insta account features swatches of trendy eye shadows and lip colors on women with darker skin tones – demonstrating exactly how the color would look on you without the hassle of buyer’s remorse!

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.45.52 AM.png


But wait,  there’s more.  While the Cocoa Swatches Instagram account was definitely ground-breaking for makeup lovers of all skin tones, it isn’t perfectly convenient to search through while tearing down the aisles of your nearest Target or Sephora. That’s where the Cocoa Swatches app comes in.  The mobile app comes with all of the same greatness as the Instagram account, but with the convenience of easy navigation and search capabilities.  The app organizes swatches into several categories: eye shadows, face products and lip.   Even more, there are makeup product comparisons and tutorial videos of the week to more properly demonstrate which products are the best for your personal skin tone.


Download the Cocoa Swatches app in both the Apple App Store and whatever the Android version is (jk, Google Play). You won’t ever have to wonder how the hottest new palette will look on your skin!

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