Straight Outta Syria: Arabic Rhymes

By the end of 2015, nearly 250,000 people had been killed by the conflict in Syria (BBC News). 250,000.  And yet, our news is filled with stories of Kylie & Tyga and Donald Trump’s latest politically (and totally) incorrect dialogues.

A World at School and Theirworld are two organizations working to change the landscape.  In the wake of civil war and  total destruction in Syria, these humanitarian organizations are working together to spotlight the many talents of young Syrian refugee children.

The initiative, Syria’s Young Talent, is asking for signatures on their petition in order to secure the funds necessary to educate at least 1 million Syrian refugee children.

We often hear the stories of air strikes and death in this part of the world, but very rarely do the news sources talk about the enlightening talent that lives within the hearts of so many Syrian refugees.


This short-film (only a five-minute video) Straight Outta Syria features three brothers: Samir, Abdulrahman and Mohammed who arrived in Lebanon as refugees four years ago.  The three young brothers aspire to be Arabic rappers – writing songs about their everyday life.  As one brother mentions: “when I’m old, I’d like to write humorous songs, because I don’t like to write about misery.”

The talent and passion that these boys carry is inspiring and devastating all together.  But just because their lives have been filled with misery, as the little boy puts it, doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with joy and humor starting now. At the very least watch the video to see three adorable boys rap in Arabic, and if you support the cause please sign the petition.


‘Straight Outta Syria’ was directed by Nathan Sam Long, and written by award-winning screen writer Dominic Minghella. Producer: Hannah Salvanes McLean. Director of Photography: Michael Lagerwey. Composer: Luis Issermann.


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