Gems from Pharrell’s COMPLEX Cover Interview

The man, the myth, the legend: Pharrell Williams.

Whether we’re talking music, style or culture, Skateboard P’s name is always brought up.  Especially if you’re talking to me.

In 2013, Pharrell graced the cover of Complex Magazine. Three years later, Pharrell is still just as much of a music/fashion/cultural genius.  Furthermore, the gems Pharrell dropped in this interview are still out of this world – and applicable to normal people like you and me. Let’s revisit.

On writing on his Timbs and starting a trend – his creative thinking process:

I’m a kid! So I just keep doing the shit I feel like I can do. By the way, there are times where I’m wrong as shit, and we all laugh together!

On risk-taking:

G Star Raw: Pharrell presented a denim collection made from recycled garbage at Fashion Week.

 That’s the only thing you gotta do: Be unafraid to fail.

On Teddy Riley’s studio in Virginia and how nothing happens on accident:


I know it wasn’t an accident and it wasn’t a mistake. He built a studio a five-minute walk from me. I could be completely wrong. God could be upstairs high-fiving E.T. and Tupac and they’re all laughing at it with a drink in their hands.

On his confidence in being the weird kid in high school… and even now:

The confidence to go out and march to the beat of my own drum was a lot. But as a child, I didn’t know that was a lot. No matter what my mom told me about being different and special, you go to high school and realize you got to pick a team. And because I didn’t belong to one, it was “I’m going to do this, fuck it.” So when I was given the opportunity to write Teddy’s verse on Rump Shaker it was like “Alright, fuck it.” And then as we continued, continued, and continued it just kept going. I’m basically operating like I did in high school, but in high school when I was given these opportunities, I was like “Certainly, this isn’t going to last forever.”

On drawing inspiration from previous movements and not caring what people think:


I’m living in the moment. I’m dancing in that light. Because I know that at some point, either the light burns out or the projector stops turning. So, is there a method? That’s my method. My method is to know I can’t control everything. I can’t make everybody like me. And there’s a small bunch of people that fuck with me, right? So, I’m cool with my soldiers.


Read the full interview here.  If you’re not interested in reading Pharrell’s interview – at the very least check out the digital graphics! Reinaldo Haynes did a great job of capturing P’s essence and telling the story through visuals.







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