5 Times Allen Iverson Proved He Was The GOAT

June 7th should be a national holiday. It’s the birthday of my favorite basketball player, Allen Iverson!

TBT: I thought I was the coolest girl in school for pre-ordering the AI Denver jersey.

Allen Iverson is undeniably one of the best basketball players to grace the court. As a dusty tomboy that loved basketball, there were so many reasons why he was my favorite player!

  • The Crossover (He was short, fast and could ball. We shared 1 of those traits)
  • The Style
  • The Pure Gorgeousness (Yes, this is a good reason. I’m sticking by it.)


In honor of The Answer’s special day – here’s 5 special times that AI proved to be the Greatest Of All Time.

1. He got his hair braided court-side… during a game.



It doesn’t get realer than that. I’m actually waiting for the day that I can have my locs retwisted straight from my cubicle.

2. He shook MJ as a rookie!


Okay, let’s not play favorites… the AI crossover embarrassed a lot of people.


3.  He was genuine.

AI’s braids and tattoos made people uncomfortable, and despite the NBA’s hard efforts he was a front runner in encouraging self-expression through his refusal to rock the boring old suit and tie. He was authentic – a trait fans worldwide grew to love and embrace.


His style definitely set the tone for other professional ball players – I’m not quite sure how bold today’s press conference look would be without his influence.

Iverson recently commented in a COMPLEX interview: “I don’t have any problems with what these guys wear because they got their own style and their own originality. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, man. Everybody is their own person.”

4.  He was recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Or as COMPLEX puts it, he’s the “Realest Hall of Famer.”


MJ congratulates AI on the Hall of Fame induction. Shortly after the UNC loss (and inevitable Jordan crying face)

5.  Jadakiss. Reebok. Trackmasters. 

The young boss of the cross for four quarters/And from three-point land, he’s all water.

To-date the coolest sneaker commercials!

In honor of this rap-ball mashup, check out the 40 Best Rap Bars About AI. 

Bonus:  You knew I was gonna do it… 

Although Allen’s irritation was justified (his best friend had just passed away prior to this press conference) this interview will forever live in infamy. And solidify the hard core facts: AI was and always will be the GOAT.


As a young 12 year-old kid, and even as a still young 23 year-old adult, I’ll always appreciate his inspiration and encouragement to be myself, unapologetically.

Happy Birthday to the Answer!

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