Bee’s New Workout Plan

With summer comes vacation.  All winter/spring you planned to get in shape for the summer pool bashes, but let’s be real… it never happened. Not to mention that week in Cancun (or Florida) where you ate resort food to your heart’s content…

Get that body back!

Here are some workout tips for all parts of your glorious summer body.  Even better, each of these workouts require minimal equipment (as provided by SPOTEBI)- so you have no excuses!

You might be able to pull a rapper, a NBA player, man at least a dude with a car!


Clearly the most important exercise element.


Don’t be like Kanye. Chest is great – but you gotta have legs. [If you missed that reference, press the red x at the top right of the screen and give TLOP’s 30 Hours a re-listen.]


Get your groove back like Stella (those arms though!)



No beer guts allowed.


Two words: Firm. Lift.

Get in the spirit with my Soundcloud workout playlist!





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