Introducing Your New Music Crush: Nadia Rose

If you haven’t been following the UK rap scene recently, you need to catch up! Heavy hitters from South London are taking this genre by storm, especially with recent collaborations/co-signs from Drake.  As Grime artists such as the Section Boyz, Skepta and Stormzy are becoming well-known across the pond, the British take on rap and hip-hop becomes widely accepted and even appreciated amongst American hip-hop heads.

In comes 22-year-old Nadia Rose.

My self-proclaimed spirit animal and fellow Gemini is everything. Freestyles on point. Outfits on point.

The rapper credits music as her outlet – at a time when she felt lost and unlike herself, writing rhymes proved to be her lifeline.  This is especially inspiring for anyone in their twenties (or thirties, or forties, etc.) who is struggling with their sense of identity and feel like they’re in a slump.  While writing catchy songs may not be your forte, don’t be ashamed to seriously pursue that random thing that makes you feel whole again.

Off my soap box. Back to the music.

Shoutout to the Queen of England (nbd) for the co-sign.

Now that’s some #BlackGirlMagic



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