Timmy Timmy Timmy Turn-ah

Desiigner recently released the final audio for Timmy Turner – his freestyle for 2016 XXL Freshman.


Can we all acknowledge how much better this ChloexHalle remix is? #BlackGirlMagic adds its touch.

When the freestyle released, Black Twitter took the interwebs by storm (per usual).  The freestyle was almost devilish with its chant-like banter, and with Desiigner’s already crazy amusing antics, everyone had something to say.  The remakes were my favorite part of this whole ordeal.

I’m actually enjoying the final version. I was convinced that Desiigner would be a one-hit wonder, jumping around award shows to Panda to prolong the infamy, but the sing-songy Timmy Turner track almost forces you to sing along. The Mike Dean production doesn’t seem to hurt.

The release of Timmy Turner follows just a month after Desiigner released New English on Tidal.  Take a listen here.

What do you guys think? We liking the final version? Comment below!


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