Monday Motivation!

Here’s a few news items to get your Monday going.

1. Chloe and Halle covered Desiigner’s Timmy Turner  this weekend and it was everything.

Also, can you say “HAIR GOALS”?! Yes, with the locs.

Safe to say these two are motivating enough on this hot Monday – but we’ll keep the news coming.

2. Chance the Rapper has just announced a brand new music festival on Chicago’s South Side at US Cellular Field titled Magnificent Coloring Day. 


It’ll feature Lil’ Wayne, Skrillex, John Legend, Tyler the Creator and I’m assuming Chance the Rapper himself… right? Maybe ‘Ye? The festival is slated to happen September 24th. Stay tuned to his website for more details.

Chance_The_Rapper Offical Tumblr.jpg

3.   Gucci Mane dropped his first album since his release from prison Everybody Looking. 

Gucci’s fresh-out health kick is motivating enough, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. According to Black Twitter (the most reliable source) it was the best album to drop this summer. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, but it’s clearly worth a listen.


Not to mention his Atlanta homecoming show featuring Drake, Future and 2Chainz that completely took over the interwebs. If you weren’t there, you’re losing (I’m losing right there wit’cha) but we can always hype up our Monday by watching this YouTube recap.

4. At least you’re not Joe Budden.

If your Twitter feed hasn’t already been bombarded with Joe memes, here’s the back story.

Some Internet trolls (notably, OVO fans) rushed Joe at his home all for a “cool” video to post on Twitter. Joe wasn’t having it. He chased the kids in his car and after ambushing them in the middle of the street, attacked their sun-roof with rocks. Nothing worst than having your privacy violated at your own home – much less to be berated by nobodies looking for more Twitter followers.

They were given the honorable title of “Donkey of the Day” from Charlemagne. Well deserved.

5. I know you’ve already seen this all over your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. But I’m also quite sure FLOTUS deserves some more praise for her duet with Queen Missy.

Have a bomb ass week! Stay motivated!

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