TBT: Visuals for Joey Bada$$’s “Like Me”Depict Police Brutality, Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin

The two-year anniversary of Mike Brown’s brutal murder was just two days ago on August 9th, however, his and so many other deaths have left lasting impressions on the American community.

Just a year ago, Joey Bada$$ released his single Like Me on The Tonight Show. 


The song serves as Joey’s commentary on social and political issues, most notably the murder of thousands of black men and women at the hands of those responsible for protecting and serving.

Blacks get they ass sprayed just for making a move


His lyrics illustrate the angry cycle of black lives in communities being torn apart by trauma, but also recite his desperate hope for freedom and peace.

We get high and say fuck the police

I pray there’s hope for a nigga like me

The visuals for the track make the message much more powerful, as the angels of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and Joey Bada$$ dance to the outro.

#RestinPeaceMikeBrown #BlackLivesMatter


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