Nautica x Urban Outfitters Capsule Collection Available NOW 🚣🏿⛵️

Me and Lil Yachty in Nautica
Polar bear, Gucci, Antarctica (BRR!)

Preppy brand Nautica, once rocked by old white guys atop yachts and golf courses,  has attempted to hit the young urban scene through a collaboration with Urban Outfitters.  Many thanks to Lil Yachty, of course.  The artist has no doubt revived the brand among young hip-hop fans with his infinite number of nautical references and his Instagram brand promotion (presumably, at a cost).

The seven piece Nautica capsule collection has been deemed nostalgic – the bright, neon color schemes are reminiscent of 90s style clothing.

Check out the collection of joggers, tees and jackets at Urban Outfitters online.


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