Meet Your New Favorite (15-Year-Old) DJ 🤴🏾

SoulCulture was created to share the good news in urban culture.  This story is no different.

DJ Prince, Ryan Robinson II by government, is an up-and-coming emcee from Indianapolis with amazing talent. At only 15-years-old, DJ Prince has already appeared on an award-winning TV show (Empire, nbd) and scored countless interviews and social followers.

Does the work match the hype? Check the facts yourself.

A clean Billie Jean x Rihanna mix on its 34th anniversary!  Who knew What You Came For would give me such MJ nostalgia.

J. Cole x Sade mix 🤢

He even added a little Pharrell… officially my favorite DJ. 💖

With his apparent non-stop hustle and practice, I think it’s safe to say that DJ Prince will grow to be a king in this music industry.  Keep up! 


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