NEW: Wear Your Support for Willis’ Soul Shoes

Indianapolis-based hip-hop artist, Willis, is proving his creativity by any means necessary. In the first week of June Willis released his highly anticipated album, Soul Shoes – gathering worldwide support due to his ongoing independence. As he shared in the SoulCulture exclusive interview:

I did everything myself. I produced every beat on this album. I engineered the whole thing. I mixed every song, mastered the project myself. I made the artwork myself. I’m writing and directing all of the music videos myself. I just feel like the artistry of that is important.

As if the album wasn’t enough, Willis is giving us the opportunity to wear our support for Soul Shoes with his brand new merchandise collection. It’s no secret that an artist is only as big as their brand extensions; musicians are no longer only known for their music, but also for their ventures into other entertainment forms. Fortunately, Willis (and team) continues to carry the creative versatility that we all fell in love with in the beginning.

The Soul Shoes collection includes summer/fall gear, with a variety of long-sleeved tees and sweatshirts with lyrics from the album.


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Shop Willis’ Soul Shoes collection on Shopify now.

Read about the development of Willis’ new album Soul Shoes, including his inspiration for growing worldwide fan base.


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