WATCH: A$AP Ferg Interviews Harlem Fashion Legend Dapper Dan for MTV


If you’re unfamiliar with the name “Dapper Dan,” you have a bit of learning to do. His fashion sense was pivotal in the birth of modern street wear; influencing the mixed use of well-known high fashion brands in hoods and ghettos around the country.


First starting in Harlem, Dan eventually gained notoriety for his personal styling of hip-hop icons such as Eric B. and Rakim, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Big Daddy Cane, and much much more.





The notoriety didn’t go unnoticed by the European fashion houses that he utilized to re-style urban fashion – they took legal action forcing Dapper Dan out of business.

Fast forward to 2017 and Dapper Dan’s fashion influence has not been forgotten. New York native, A$AP Ferg, has been outspoken about Dapper Dan’s influence on A$AP Mob and New York urban wear in general. Even more, the two have a longtime relationship stemming from Ferg’s father working with Dan on fashion and art prior to his passing.

With MTV News, A$AP Ferg interviews Dapper Dan about his own fashion influences and his drive as an artist.

Tune in below.

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