Stay In the Know with YouTube and Blog Series, Cocktails & Convos

Throwback of Little Bria and Nettaboo. Clearly meant to be Internet celebrities. 

From our early days as Panthers at North Central High back in Indianapolis to her experiences as a Broadcast Journalism major at TSU, Antonette (aka Nettaboo) has always had a spark for entertainment. Her wide smile and hilarious personality can light up a room, so it’s only right that she share this charisma worldwide with her own platform.



Cue Cocktails & Convos.

The YouTube channel/online blog highlights current events and celebrity gossip through the lens of your everyday millennial. Cocktails & Convos is what Kocktails with Khloe couldn’t survive to be – an actual reenactment of real-life reactions to current events and celebrity gossip… with a drink or two.

Follow Cocktails & Convos on YouTube and Instagram so you never miss a beat.

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