Bria posing in Soul Culture 'midwest in bloom' long sleeved tee

The Midwest Is In Bloom

Midwest in Bloom Soul Culture Black Hoodie

The Midwest in Bloom collection features elements of my two favorite cities: Indianapolis and Chicago.

Spending the majority of my childhood in Indianapolis, I witnessed firsthand its growth as a cultural hub. The camaraderie of the creative community is unmatched – musicians, designers, painters, poets, and visionaries come together to uplift and inspire the city beyond what we’ve ever experienced before.

When I moved to Chicago, I appreciated that community even more. Despite popular belief, Indy’s wave is rippling beyond I-465. The communities of both cities are slowly, but surely, interconnecting and developing together.  As pillars of the Midwest, both cities are essential to the cultural growth of the region as a whole.

Both Chicago and Indianapolis serve as strong influences in music, fashion, and culture all over the country. Most importantly, without these influences, Soul Culture wouldn’t exist.

I wanted to recognize the importance of both cities to me personally, but also to the culture. Midwest in Bloom illustrates the parts of both cities that inspire me, and highlights the fact that the region is still growing its flowers. The best is yet to come.

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