Womp Womp Movie Poster

WATCH: Valee and Jeremih Enlist Hebru Brantley for “Womp Womp” Visual

Womp Womp Gif

Chicago’s savior and G.O.O.D. Music signee, Valee, recently linked with Jeremih for Womp Womp – an upbeat track with a catchy enough hook to play out the radio all summer. With some help from Hebru Brantley, the visual only enhances the single.

The Womp Womp video isn’t a music video at all. Instead, it’s a mini-movie, nostalgically stylized like an early 2000s DVD. The story line follows Valee through a hotel heist and getaway as B-girls dance their way through the narration. It’s as intriguing as you’d expect a Valee video to be. Go watch for yourself.

Watch the video below and listen to Soul Culture’s Midwest in Bloom playlist, featuring the track.

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