Sprout Your Mind Spreads Positivity Via Fashion

Sprout Your Mind is a T-shirt line originally designed and hand drawn by @OGNayHomie in an effort to spread positivity and open-mindedness to anyone that will listen.

It’s refreshing to see young people utilize their creativity for such a warm message.  Even more, the messages of positivity, hope and kindness are not only spread to those who buy the shirts – but paid forward to each and every person that happens to see a person wearing them.

Check out the shirt concepts below, and be sure to support the Sprout Your Mind movement while shirts are still in stock at this link!

be_kind_tee.jpguntitled.jpgspeak_words_t-shirt.jpgshirt 1.jpg

There’s more! The Sprout Your Mind project encourages fans and followers of the movement to get engaged and promote positive messages with the hashtag #sproutyourmind.  Use the hashtag, pay it forward!

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