Travel for Cheap with These Soul Culture Tips!

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This article will provide you with several tips for traveling the world on a budget. Check out the screenshots! I’ll plan an affordable trip to Paris, France using my own tips.

Getting There

The key to finding the cheapest flights is to compare as many site estimates as possible! My favorite website for cheap flights is Kayak.  Also check out these sites: CheapoAirCheapTickets & SkyScanner.

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If you’re not pressed for time, check out Amtrak rail.  It takes almost forever to get where you’re going, but is fairly cheap with a beautiful scenery.  Amtrak even has vacation packages allowing you to take the train one-way and fly the other. These vacay packages are pretty cheap and most times include travel, accommodations and excursions.  Keep in mind: for international travel, especially in Europe, rail travel is an even better option for getting around for cheap!

Lastly, if you can help it travel during the week rather than on weekends. Air fare can be cheaper on Tuesday and Thursday compared to Friday and Saturday.  Also try off-season traveling (winter as opposed to the busy summer season).

Staying There

Get with the times… nobody stays in normal hotels anymore!  AirBnB is the newest and best way to get the biggest bang for your buck.

My favorite stays away from home have been at AirBnB’s – just this past summer my boyfriend and I stayed a few minutes from the Staples Center in LA in a high-rise two bedroom apartment for (get this) $80 a night.  Similar accommodations in downtown Los Angeles average around $200 a night on Kayak!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.06.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.07.45 PM.png

AirBnB rental options are a happy medium for those traveling on a budget.  Affordable hostels are not always the ideal home for vacationers, but AirBnB can provide both privacy and luxury along with affordability.

If you’re uncomfortable with staying in someone else’s home, hostels are still a viable option for those traveling on a budget, especially in groups. Many times, your hostel may have coupons or deals for site seeing and excursions. Check out HostelWorld for the best deals!

Getting Around & Exploring

Exploring new cities and visiting museums can get expensive, so it’s important to search for deals before getting to your destination!  Many tourist companies offer free walking tours during the week with a tip.  The screenshot below is from Discover Walks  – a tour company that offers free walking tours around major cities in Europe.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.54.31 PM.png

Don’t rent a car! You’re better off taking public transport or calling an Uber if you need to be somewhere in a jiffy.  Most cities offer unlimited rides for a few days at a time – in hindsight, the unlimited plans will save you more money than car rental, gas and even occasional Uber rides.

Don’t overtip! I know, this word of advice may make me sound like a horrible person but keep in mind that American standards of dining are not the same everywhere! For example, in Europe tipping is usually abnormal. Don’t waste your money by tipping when it’s not expected.  This article by Condé Nast Traveler provides awesome advice on how much to tip in 50 different countries.

On a similar money-saving tip, do not (I repeat, do not) exchange currency at the airport. I committed this rookie mistake on my first international trip.  The exchange rates are ridiculous and you can usually get a better deal if you wait and exchange at a bank in town.

Our Parisian Trip = $1,625
Roundtrip Paris Airfare: $1229
3-Night Private Apartment Stay: $396

Keep in mind, this figure does not include money for shopping, eating and excursions.  I purposely excluded these because they can be totally different depending on the person. Personally, I eat like there’s no tomorrow and shop like crazy – whereas, some people would rather spend their money on museum tours.  Regardless, $1,625 is very inexpensive for airfare and apartment stay in Paris.  Be sure to consider these tips on your next domestic or international trip!

Have any other travel secrets? Share them with the rest of the SoulCulture family by commenting below!  Happy traveling! ✈️

Now, get in the traveling spirit with one of my favorite music videos: Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era tour Europe for the visual to Overseas.


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