“Millioneiress by Leah” Streetwear Brand Empowers Women… Because She Can!

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23-year-old Leah Kirsch always had a passion for fashion.  After graduating from Fordham University, she interned in New York City for Harper’s Bazaar.  Kirsch had the courage to leave the prestigious (however, painful) internship and start on her own… thus the birth of Millioneiress.

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Using her own experience in design and a friend’s skills in screen-printing, Leah put herself to work and started selling shirts and hats online.   A few sales grew into many, and now the brand is known around the nation for its female-empowering messages and Kirsch’s passion for encouraging girls to be themselves unapologetically.  

The brand’s About page says it all:

If you didn’t notice at first, Millioneiress has the word ‘one’ directly in the middle. Meaning, a Millioneiress femme is one in a million.

The Millioneiress brand is perfect for any female interested in street wear style, but most importantly, it inspires women everywhere to be confident in everything that they wear.  Love who you are, and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful because you can.  

Millioneiress-Denim-Jacket_1024x1024 2.pngLadies-First-Tee_PP_1024x1024.png

Millioneiress has made recent waves by parterning with certain female influencers to promote brand awareness. Social is definitely everything for fashion start-ups – we’ve seen brands boom overnight due to media buzz and popular influencers vouching for the product.  Nothing’s different with Millioneiress.  I have a feeling this representation of the feminist movement will be around for awhile.


Be sure to check out the Millioneiress site and cop a few tees for the road.

To learn more about Leah and Millioneiress check out her features on Elite Daily and Bustle.

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