CULTURE: 16-Year-Old Isaiah Cooper Is The Youngest African-American To Fly Solo Over Continental US


16-year-old Isaiah Cooper from Compton, California is now the youngest African-American to fly solo over the Continental United States. He traveled more than 8,000 miles in 13 days – flying from Compton to Maine, to Washington, to Florida, and finally back to his hometown California.  And this was just the test flight.  Isaiah is planning to be a Guinness World Record Holder by flying solo around the world at the age of 18 – the current holder flew at 19.

Cooper has been attending Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum’s youth aviation program since the age of 5 – and now just at 16 years old, he’s creating history.

For more information about his journey and to contribute to Isaiah’s accomplishments, donate to his GoFundMe.

I absolutely love witnessing positive news in our communities.  A young black man from Compton, California is making strides in his passion with his head (literally) in the clouds.

Go Isaiah!

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