Beyonce’s New Lemonade Merch is Worth the Wait


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.15.17 AM

Beyonce just added new Lemonade merch to her site, and I’d like to remind you that my birthday was just a few short months ago and can still be celebrated with gifts.

It’s no secret how great the power of merch has become – from Kanye’s Yeezus tour to JB’s Purpose Tour, artist t-shirts and hats have become some sort of streetwear status symbol. And now, even if you missed out on the tour action, you can easily cop merch online (or if you’re a Belieber at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21), or not so easily wait in line for days on end to catch a pop-up shop.

Beyonce’s Formation Tour was no different.  From the Boycott Beyonce tees – riffing off the police union’s attempted boycott of the tour following her Super Bowl performance – to the fly ass Formation Tour satin bomber.


Apparently, this is the gift that keeps giving. Although the tour is already finished, new pieces are currently being added to her Shop site.

Whether you were at Formation Tour or not, I think we could all use a Boy Bye tote bag. Cop here.


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