CHREECE: Indianapolis Hip-Hop Festival in Fountain Square August 27th


This Saturday, Chreece festival is bringing over 50 rappers to Indianapolis for a full day of turn-up festivities.  This is the first and only music festival in Nap Town that is exclusively hip-hop and rap.  The festival debuted last year, and was clearly a big hit.

This year it’ll only get better.  The lineup is stacked with dope Indiana artists, including G-Scott,  Mathaius Young, Ejaaz and FullyAutomaticDrayco.

Check out some of these artists’ tracks below.

Cheers & Peace Makes Chreece

This is an awesome cultural event bringing a positive spotlight to the ever-growing music scene right here in the middle of Indiana. Support your local artists!

Pre-sale tickets are only $15, check out the full lineup and buy tickets here.


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