And Do You Belong? I Do. Solange’s Powerful Narrative on Unbelonging in a Sea of Same-ness


This weekend, Solange shared the story of her family’s visit to a Kraftwerk concert.

Normally, such a story would be complete simply with smiling and dancing selfie videos grabbed from Snapchat, along with a summary of your favorite live tracks.  Maybe even how the artist inspired you or how you scored the tickets.

Solange used this moment to share an emotion that pretty much all black people in the States (and even abroad) have felt at some point.  The emotion only an alien – a strange being in a sea of same-ness – would feel, despite having complete legal entitlement to the same opportunities and experiences.

There’s no way my commentary could serve Solange’s narrative justice.  But whether you’re a black woman who too has felt an inevitable sense of unbelonging or even a white person who longs to somehow understand this phenomenon…

you need to read this.



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