Twenty Blowin’ Up Like Dynamite ūüí£ Listen to 24hrs Newest Project 12:AM

Relatively unknown artist 24hrs has released a brand new project entitled 12:AM on SoundCloud.

We still don’t know¬†whether the four-track playlist will serve as a mixtape or part of an album, but I’m grateful nonetheless.

My favorite track,¬†MONSTER TRUCK, has the typical¬†sound of today’s trends –¬†the mixture of a catchy hook and auto-tuned melodies make it a hit… but there’s no doubt something¬†different. ¬†

One¬†point of difference for 24hrs is most definitely ¬†his anonymity and in our society of over-sharing and constant stimulation, this could be the source of the appeal. ¬†After all of my searching (Twitter, Instagram, blogs) I have still never seen a photo or video of 24hrs in action. He could be a Chinese lesbian for all I know… doubtful, but still!

Here’s what I do know:

  • He’s¬†from Atlanta and in his twenties.
  • Definitely a male (rules out my lesbian theory).
  • He’s mysterious on purpose.

He sort of explains his anonymity in his first “interview” with¬†Pigeons & Planes:

I’d rather not do interviews. I prefer for people to fall in love with my music.

Without a hard focus on 24hrs personal life, we’re forced to solely judge the music – there’s no cute face or fresh fashion sense to bias you. ¬†His fans are genuinely enamored with his music. ¬†Quite admirable!

Twenty blowin’ up like dynamite! Don’t sleep!¬†Check him out.

Despite all the mysteriousness, 24hrs is going on tour – the first stop is¬†in NYC’s Irving Plaza this week with Uber Everywhere¬†star¬†Madeintyo. ¬†If you’re in the area, go and sneak pics.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.52.39 AM.png


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