Twenty Blowin’ Up Like Dynamite 💣 Listen to 24hrs Newest Project 12:AM

Relatively unknown artist 24hrs has released a brand new project entitled 12:AM on SoundCloud.

We still don’t know whether the four-track playlist will serve as a mixtape or part of an album, but I’m grateful nonetheless.

My favorite track, MONSTER TRUCK, has the typical sound of today’s trends – the mixture of a catchy hook and auto-tuned melodies make it a hit… but there’s no doubt something different.  

One point of difference for 24hrs is most definitely  his anonymity and in our society of over-sharing and constant stimulation, this could be the source of the appeal.  After all of my searching (Twitter, Instagram, blogs) I have still never seen a photo or video of 24hrs in action. He could be a Chinese lesbian for all I know… doubtful, but still!

Here’s what I do know:

  • He’s from Atlanta and in his twenties.
  • Definitely a male (rules out my lesbian theory).
  • He’s mysterious on purpose.

He sort of explains his anonymity in his first “interview” with Pigeons & Planes:

I’d rather not do interviews. I prefer for people to fall in love with my music.

Without a hard focus on 24hrs personal life, we’re forced to solely judge the music – there’s no cute face or fresh fashion sense to bias you.  His fans are genuinely enamored with his music.  Quite admirable!

Twenty blowin’ up like dynamite! Don’t sleep! Check him out.

Despite all the mysteriousness, 24hrs is going on tour – the first stop is in NYC’s Irving Plaza this week with Uber Everywhere star Madeintyo.  If you’re in the area, go and sneak pics.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.52.39 AM.png


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