In Case You Missed It NYFW: Pyer Moss Addresses the Black Dollar and Gentrification in “Bernie vs. Bernie”


Pyer Moss has done it again.

This past weekend, Pyer Moss designer Kerby Jean-Raymond defied your typical fashion show expectations with political commentary addressing the economic climate… and a little bit of spoken word.

Jean-Raymond is gaining infamy for making business personal.  Last year, he took heat for incorporating the issue of police brutality and Black Lives Matter advocacy into his show.

The Fall 2016 fashion show touched on mental illness – a topic often swept under the rug in the black community.  Pyer Moss made us talk about it.

I consider it ironic that Jean-Raymond’s method is considered outrageous or different – one of the purposes of art is to provide commentary to political and social topics; Pyer Moss is doing just that by ruffling feathers in the fashion community.

This year’s show, entitled Bernie vs. Bernie, was a commentary on capitalism and the issues that help define it.  It started with a spoken word piece from artist Cyrus Aaron, discussing the black dollar and gentrification.  The show continued to the rhythm of cash register “ca-chings”, dominated by beautiful black women at center stage.


Jean-Raymond used 90s-inspired pieces with some Bernie Sanders/Bernie Madoff flair.  He drew inspiration from cliche Wall Street investment bankers, and created a spin-off sports wear version.  According to the designer, Sanders and Madoff represent the two extremes of capitalism:

One is all about excess and the acquisition of more and more shit, and the other wants to see everyone have the same means and access to achieve what they need to in this life. I’ve always felt like the idealist, Sanders.  

Check out my favorite looks and a few highlights from the show below.

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