Best Style Moments From Your Favorite It Girl, Brittany Byrd đź’–

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Most people know Brittany as Lil Uzi Vert’s ex-beau – the girl he raps about in so many of his songs and features in the visuals for Money Longer and You Was Right. 

But, that’s not all she’s known for.

She’s emerging as a style icon in the streetwear scene and putting on for lady boys everywhere.  Check out a few of my favorite looks and see where to shop for her threads.


I absolutely love black tennis skirts – especially when paired with sneakers and tees. Unfortunately, these skirts are nearly impossible to find in all black in-stores, but thanks to our friends at American Apparel, you can shop this look anytime and year around.


If you live in NYC or Paris, try your hardest to catch the next Vlone pop up. If not, you can expect to pay out to greedy resellers.  In her exclusive with Highsnobiety, Brittany confesses her love her thrifting for vintage Levi’s and Dior jeans.  I’m guessing these were one of her finds.   Oval glasses are now all the rave.  Cop some of these Mustang shades from Acne now.


Again, TENNIS SKIRTS! Love ’em.  While the Fendi jacket isn’t very affordable, you can easily find a ribbed turtleneck sweater from Forever 21’s online shop.


I absolutely love this look, Brittany’s customized medallions definitely make the outfit. If you like her cropped turtleneck, check out UNIF (Ur Not In Fashion) – an awesome lifestyle brand with the single aim to “kick mainstream’s ass.”


You might have seen these Supreme camo pants on Kylie Jenner around this time last year. You might not have seen anything from Fucking Awesome – a skateboard shop with fucking awesome graphic tees.


This is by far my favorite look from Brittany’s Insta. So simple and, of course, I’m all for cozy. Proenza Schouler coats may be hard to come by, but there are affordable faux fur coat options at Forever 21 or H&M.  Behind high-top Air Forces, Vans are becoming my go-to sneaker option.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 4.02.03 PM.png

This look was also featured in Brittany’s style feature on Highsnobiety. 

For more of these awesome looks, follow Brittany’s personal Instagram.

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