Joey Bada$$ Samples Theme Song From Narcos for New Track “Front & Center”


If you’re anything like me, you binge watched both seasons of Narcos in an ungodly amount of time.  By the end of the week you were singing along to the theme song, despite barely understanding a lick of Spanish.

Joey Bada$$ must understand our compassion for Pablo because he sampled the theme song, Tuyo by Rodrigo Amarante, for his new track Front & Center. 

The song has a sensual vibe to it, and Joey has no shame showing off his bilingual skills. Joey claims the fuego track is just a throwaway “for the Narcos fans” – if this is the case, who knows what’s in store for his upcoming project.

Listen to the track below now, thank Mr. Badmon later.

Fed her white lies, no Betty Blanco


Jozif Badmon!

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