D.R.A.M.’s New Album “Big Baby D.R.A.M.” Will Make You Smile

First, just look at this album cover.


Smiling yet?  You should be! How many hip-hop artists do you know that would feature their adorable Goldendoodle puppy on their album cover? (BTW: his name is Idnit – short for Idnit Cute?)

Okay, if that didn’t do the trick, maybe the Queen Badu and Thugger features will brighten your day.


This album has the same vibes you’d expect from any D.R.A.M. project – amazing soulful vocals with “happy trappy” themes that encourage you to have a better day and…. s m i l e.

Best $8 I’ve spent all week! Buy the album now or if it’s not a pay week, check it on Spotify.


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