Get Started On Your Summer Body With Teyana Taylor’s New Fade2Fit Fitness Program 🏃🏾

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Just a few months ago, Teyana Taylor (also known as Junie’s mom) shocked the world with her starring role in Kanye West’s visual for Fade.  

You’re absolutely lying if you say this video didn’t make you feel bad for eating that icecream as you binge watch the next season of Law and Order: SVU… (just me? okay.)

If you’re feeling like every other woman who has seen this video, you don’t have to feel bad anymore! Teyana is releasing a new fitness program, appropriately named Fade2Fit.

According to the program’s site, workouts are designed for enjoyment, using dance moves to help you get in shape.  Fade2Fit is currently only accepting information for pre-registration, but official registration should be happening soon. Workouts begin January 1st!

Everyone keeps asking me what I did to get my body. If you want to know my secret, sign up to get more information on the upcoming dance fitness program and dance workout tour! Thank you and let’s Fade 2 Fit.

But that’s not all!

In addition to the fitness program, Teyana will be launching Fade2Fit merch – so you can look bomb while you get your body right.

Sign up now
and stay tuned for merch! Are you copping?


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