Special Cloth Alert: Teyana Taylor’s “Fade 2 Fit” Apparel Is Available Now

We previously reported on Teyana Taylor’s Fade 2 Fit fitness program – the perfect business opportunity after her stellar performance in Kanye’s Fade video.

Just a month before the launch of the fitness program, Teyana has released a clothing line completely dedicated to the Fade 2 Fit program.

All of the pieces from the release feature the grey/black/orange branded color scheme of Fade2Fit, and a few are reminiscent of the 80s-style workout gear featured in the Fade video.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the release.

F2F Brazilian Cut Underwear ($30) 


Hello, 80s! Let’s be honest – the only way I’m practicing fitness in these babies is if I’ve already got the Teyana body… still nice, though.

F2F Shorts ($50)


These shorts are compression fit and probably cozy af.

No Breaks Hoodie ($67)


C’mon! You seriously never expected any Fade references in this line?  Perfect way to get some last minute workout motivation.

Fade 2 Fit Yoga Mat ($60)


Pretty overpriced for what seems to be a very basic yoga mat.  But, if you’re a huge Teyana Taylor fan or you’re truly dedicated to the cause – what a cute way to share the love!

Overall, the F2F merch seems fairly overpriced and a bit overhyped but who’s merch isn’t nowadays? I still love the F2F concept and look forward to the launch of the fitness program.

If you want any of these items, be sure to shop fast! According to the site, availability is limited. However, don’t expect to receive your limited edition gear until after the 29th of January when shipping starts.

Shop the look on the Fade 2 Fit site and use the promo code FADE2TEN for 10% off your order.

If you’re interested in joining Teyana’s fitness program (don’t fake it – we all want to look like her), visit this site.

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