All I Want For Christmas… Is This Wishlist 🎄

You have one more paycheck until Christmas, meaning this Friday will be a mass overhaul of all of those last minute gifts!

And if you still have yet to send your beautiful friends and family your holiday gift list, you’re mad late.

Don’t fret,  we’ve got an awesome list of gifts that anyone would love to receive this holiday season.

Check out the gallery and shop til you drop.

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Here’s where to find all of these awesome holiday gifts:

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp ($20)
  2. FOREO LUNA Play ($40)
  3. Kiehl’s Day-to-Night Skincare Set Skincare Set ($90)
  4. Iverson Book by Gary Land ($150)
  5. Michelle Obama Pin ($10)
  6. “Always a Lady” Patch ($10)
  7. Mobile Lens Kit ($26)
  8. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 ($70)
  9. “Awaken, My Love!” Vinyl and Virtual Reality Experience ($60)
  10. Marc Jacobs Leather School/Work Bag ($370)

Bonus wishlist gift, cause let’s be real… rent is still due on the first!


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