Vashtie Shares Top 10 Essential Oils for Flawless Skin

Essential oils have become all the rave, but not many of us truly understand which oils are most beneficial, and how they are good for our health.

If anyone knows the key to youthful skin, it’s Ms. Vashtie Kola. On her blog,, Vashtie has highlighted her top 10 essential oils – including what they’re good for and how she applies them.

Here’s a recap:

1.  Tea Tree Oil: Great for cleaning up acne.

2.  Jasmine Oil: Gets rid of dry and patchy skin.

3.  Lemongrass Oil: Minimizes pores.

4.  Peppermint Oil: Cooling effects reduces irritation.

5.  Chamomile Oil: Clears scars & imperfections.

6.  Carrot Seed Oil: Rejuvination.

7.  Ylang-ylang Oil: Stimulates hair growth & balances dry and oily skin.

8.  Sandalwood Oil: Re-hydration and anti-aging.

9.  Coriander Oil: Treats acne & sensitivity.

10.  Rose Oil: Toner & normalizes skin tone.

Peep the original article.


For other skincare tips and tricks, watch Vashtie’s skincare essentials video!

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