Skincare Essentials with Vashtie



If you don’t know who Vashtie Kola is, do your research! The Jill of all trades has served as my role model for years – as the first and only female to design her own Jordan shoe, and as a woman who embraces her own personal style as a tom boy and encourages others to wear what makes them feel great.

The DJ/model/designer/director/fellow blogger is also known for her youthful looks.  It seems as if the downtown sweetheart never ages…

Great news! Just a few months ago, Vashtie decided to share the wealth with her Skincare Essentials video on her blog

Check out the video and bask in the digital fountain of youth.

Here’s a full list of the products Vashtie mentions in the video: 

Biologique Recherge Lait E.V. Cleanser $42
Biologique Recherge Lotion p50 1970 Exfoliator $27
Simply Divine Botanicals Gypsy Rose Tea Toner $30
Luzern Laboratories Force de Vie Moisturizer $145

I know, the products on the list are somewhat pricy and may seem out of reach for fellow stay-at-home college students… Just keep in mind, when it comes to your health and beauty, the investment is always worth it!

~Peace and good skin~


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