Vashtie Kola Leads Us to the Digital Fountain of Youth

Hip-hop’s jill of all trades has served as my role model for years. As a woman who embraces her own personal style as a tom boy, Vashtie Kola encourages women to wear what makes them feel great. She is also the first female to design her own Jordan sneaker!

The DJ/model/designer/director/fellow blogger is also known for her youthful looks.  It seems as if the downtown sweetheart never ages…

Great news! Vashtie has decided to share the wealth with At Home with Vashtie: Skincare Essentials.

Check it out and bask in the digital fountain of youth.

Here’s a full list of the products Vashtie mentions in the video: 

Biologique Recherge Lait E.V. Cleanser $42
Biologique Recherge Lotion p50 1970 Exfoliator $27
Simply Divine Botanicals Gypsy Rose Tea Toner $30
Luzern Laboratories Force de Vie Moisturizer $145

I know, the products on the list are somewhat pricy and may seem out of reach for fellow stay-at-home college students… Just keep in mind, when it comes to your health and beauty, the investment is always worth it!

~Peace and good skin~


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