Thanks, Obamas.

Emotions are high.

It’s quite difficult to keep spirits high amidst this country’s current political landscape.  But, if President Obama’s farewell address meant anything, it inspired all of us to maintain optimism in progressive change.

He encouraged the American people to stand in solidarity.  All of us – no matter how different our political beliefs or backgrounds.

What I found most admirable about President Obama’s speech was his immense gratitude towards Michelle Lavaughn Robinson – his unwavering support system and “best friend.”

If there is anyone that received more backlash and hate than the President himself, it would be the FLOTUS, Mrs. Michelle Obama.    But not only did she overcome the hate messages and put-downs, she redefined the job description of the First Lady.  Thanks to Michelle, there are little girls everywhere who can feel valuable and who understand the importance of education

I don’t care where you’re from, what you believe, or where you’re headed – you have to respect the class and dignity of our first family.


If you missed President Obama’s final speech to the American people last night, you can watch it here.


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