LISTEN: FLACO’s Newest Project, “Sleepinginjeans” 👖

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.32.10 PM.png

Indianapolis native, FLACO, leaves us with this cozy 14-track project entitled Sleepinginjeans. 

In his interview with Noisey, he credited this album as “a showcase of his individuality and his search for identity in music.”

If you understand the landscape of Naptown, Indiana, a big city but oh so small, you know how difficult it can be to pave your own lane – especially in regards to music.  Most artists find themselves following the trendiness of artists created elsewhere.  Even then, very few actually develop their sound within the city, instead moving to more popular industry breeding grounds like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.

What makes FLACO most compelling is his ability to blend his own personal style with the heavy 808s and vocal charisma that hip-hop fans are looking for now.

2016 is mine. 2017’s been mine.

Take a listen to Sleepinginjeans and follow FLACO for more hits.


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