Smart Boy Studios Hosts New “Made in the Midwest” Spotify Mix

Fellow Butler alum and Ohio-native, Jordan Murphy, is breaking through the Midwest music scene with his production company Smart Boy Studios.

As an ode to the talented artists reigning from the Midwest, Jordan recently released a Made in the Midwest mix on Spotify.

Each playlist track highlights musicians that are flourishing right in our backyard – big or small. Including a few that are familiar to the Soul Culture family: Double A, Mula Kkhan, Drayco McCoy, Ejaaz, Willis, Jeremiah Stokes, FLACO, and James Otha. Oskarprophecy deserves an honorable mention – we previously recorded a freestyle video to be released in conjunction with Chreece 3 coverage… blame it on the damaged memory card.

Take a listen to the playlist and stay tuned to Jordan’s production company, Smart Boy Studiosfor more projects with Midwest-based musicians.

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