EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: Watch the Making of Willis’ Newest Track “When The Fire Starts / 4600”

After the release of his latest full project, Soul ShoesI didn’t think Will was receiving the credit he deserves as a well-rounded artist. This time around, Soul Culture is showcasing his talent by sharing private studio moments via a production breakdown of his newest single, When The Fire Starts / 4600. 

When The Fire Starts / 4600 is yet another ode to his hometown of Indianapolis, while also marking a sudden shift in Willis’ growth as an artist. In particular, we now witness Willis’ true ascent to the foreground; no longer afraid to flash his confidence as a creator and entertainer.

When we discussed the release, Willis even noted this adjustment:

I’ve been making some depressed songs so I had to get confident [Laughs]… When the fire starts is a reminder of depression or when you start to get nervous about your career and realizing that you’re not working hard enough. Like I said, “this is about staying solid while facing mental adversity”

Will the person is recognizing his own anxiety and self-loathing and channeling that energy to fire up Willis the artist. When The Fire Starts / 4600 is a perfect illustration of Willis’ hunger for both inner and outer recognition. Not just as a rapper, but as a living, breathing, gifted creator. Thankfully, Willis is able to maintain his perfectly integrated word play and crisp production, even while throwing 4’s up and hyping up the Naptown crowd.

Willis recognizes that this is a different sound from his most recent releases. Nonetheless, the meaning is still there.

The record has a lot of swag but I’m also talking about some real shit here and there… it’s about remembering where you’re from and where you’re going.

The fire ignited in Indianapolis, behind the Fairgrounds on 4600 block to be exact, is now making its way through Chicago – both a literal and figurative reinvigoration.


Watch the fire start.


Listen to When The Fire Starts / 4600 on apple music and soundcloud now.


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