LISTEN: Double A Proves His Artistic Confidence In Breakthrough Album, “DeLAwhere”


Double A is not willing to take “no” for an answer.

The Butler University student, Naptown Thrift owner and hip-hop artist is the definition of hustle and in his debut album, DeLAwhere, he bares all on his creative process and personal ambitions. What’s most notable about DeLAwhere is the obvious growth in Double A’s sound – once the kid rapping about finding his lane and trying to fit in, he’s now a man that’s fully self-aware with a healthy dose of confidence to carry the blended house beats he raps over.

I’ve always appreciated Double A’s positive energy. He floated over the soulful single, SUNwith bars about risky ambitions and sexual innuendos, but an enlightening enough hook to make the listener feel good. And now, on his debut album DeLAwhere, each track has its own encouraging outlook laced with sunny LA vibes, but includes just enough raw determination showcasing exactly what this Indiana boy is shooting for.


The opening track, Bliss, is the bouncy, up-beat, feel-good track that you look for on sunny days driving with the windows down.

Double A highlights how good things are going right now, before heading down the rest of the DeLAwhere road to reflect on the speed bumps and stop signs along the way.

1of1 is one of those uber self-confident joints that I previously mentioned – he raps about his ability to “do his own shit,” presumably unapologetically, and make the most of his situation while doing so. As we learned in his older track, Cool, it wasn’t always easy for Double A to be himself. That trip to LA must’ve changed things for the better.

I do my own shit. I do myself so that these boys can’t never clone shit.

1of1 is undoubtedly my favorite track on the album. The SoulCulture shoutout at 2:13 could’ve helped…

The entirety of the project is Double A’s reflection on his summer living in Los Angeles and his eventual realization that sunny Cali isn’t all that it seems. Fighting against hundreds of similar artists for the same spot gets old, and Double A grew to appreciate the home grown support he received in Indianapolis. And if there’s anything Double A can depend on, its support from his city. The DeLAwhere album release party was well attended with support from local artists, including a few friendly faces on the SoulCulture site.



Artwork provided by @DJKLEMON
The Soul Fam
NoHeart’s front man, Veno Da Don
Soul Shoes artist, Willis, and James Oakland




Whether party-goers were most interested in Double A as a musician or the owner of the well-known thrift shop, Naptown Thrift, they left with a greater understanding of his talent as an artist and his passion for the culture as a whole.

Consider this his Homecoming. 

Listen to DeLAwhere on all major streaming platforms now, including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Soundcloud.

Watch Double A perform DeLAwhere live at Chreece Festival August 26th.


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