Listen to Willis’ Newest Track, “Dear Ms. Lauryn”

Willis rocking Double A‘s OKAY, YEAH merch

On Instagram today, Willis teased a new track entitled Dear Ms. Lauryn.

Dear Ms. Lauryn was previously previewed a few weeks ago at Willis’ Chreece performance. [If you missed that, getcho life and catch up.] Upon first listen, I loved the upbeat vibe of the song. Willis maintained the substantial lyricism of Color Room and Soul Shoes, while still giving listeners the feel-good groove that we’re always searching for. And, to be quite honest, I was relieved to hear such a track from Willis after his most recent release Wasting My Time – a living, breathing documentation of life’s downs, once again revealing Willis’ ability to tell nothing but the truth.

With all that’s going on, Dear Ms. Lauryn appears to be the nostalgia we need.

Check out the snippet below and stay tuned for the full track release next week.

Update: Listen to the full Dear Ms. Lauryn track below.

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