WATCH: Chance the Rapper Visits NPR for His Own Rendition of the Tiny Desk Series


If you’re unfamiliar with NPR’s Tiny Desk Series, 1. you’re missing out. 2. Watch Noname’s previous cameo to gain an understanding of the vibe. Tiny Desk is an intimate concert of sorts, where artists of all genres visit NPR’s Washington, D.C. office and perform for their colleagues with live instruments and a microphone. Imagine if your favorite big-time artist snuck into your local coffee shop for an open mic performance. Yep, you got it.

This time, Chance the Rapper slid through for a live rendition of Juke Jam, an originally written poem and a cover of Stevie Wonder’s They Won’t Go When I Go. 

Watch Chance’s Tiny Desk performance at the link below.

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