WATCH: James Otha Releases Visual for “Therapy”

If you’re unfamiliar with James Otha, he’s the producer behind my favorite Willis track, GO, featuring Mula Kkhan. The track used in the 4THECLTR fall promo video:

Now, the Indianapolis-based producer and songwriter is releasing a visual for his track Therapy. 

The visual itself is bare bones, but the added noise leads me to believe that the rawness was purposeful. Coupled with Otha’s reflective and honest lyrical content, it all comes full circle. You just have to listen.

The raw talent rising from Indianapolis is admirable, especially when you consider its heightened reputation as an uneventful, quiet city. Won’t be quiet for too much longer.

Watch James Otha’s visual for Therapy and follow him on Soundcloud and Spotify for more tracks.

Title photo credits: @_highbrid_

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