WE DON’T RUN [Fashion Friday Edition]

Mike G, is back with another Boston Jung release.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Indiana taste-maker, check out our interview or take a quick trip to Indy. He’s everywhere.

Mike G. is one of a few designers who directly reflects the message on his clothing. We Don’t Run From Adversity. Mike’s proving one Instagram post at a time that a black boy from East Chicago, Indiana is capable of anything. Whether that anything means owning a clothing line, writing food reviews, or hosting pop-ups at PRINTtEXT in Indianapolis – he’s pushing his creative boundaries to the side.

It’s almost as if the $32 t-shirt comes with a free ounce of motivation and courage to stand up to your obstacles and then overcome them. In my opinion, that’s well worth it.

Shop what’s left of the WDRFA line and support Mike G.

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