Drayco McCoy Supplies the Punchline Bars of Hip-Hop and the Grunge of Punk Rock in New Project “SKULL COLLECTA”

As with many now-popular artists, Indianapolis artist Drayco McCoy has developed a cult following online.   Consistent SoundCloud tracks and daily (sometimes hourly) interactions with Twitter followers have earned Drayco the respect and loyalty of hip-hop fans all over the country.

While these fans hold no truly focused physical location, there’s no doubt that Drayco has generated love from his hometown region of the Midwest.  Just recently, he was named an official Redbull Sound Select Artist, and was privileged to perform with Chicago legends G Herbo and Lil Bibby.

Fast forward just a few short weeks, and SoundCloud screenshots and cover art is completely taking over my timeline. SKULL COLLECTA is here.  

The SKULL COLLECTA project is consistent with Drayco’s sound – dark, loud, with cadences similar to those of grunge punk rockers.  Drayco has found his niche; and most importantly, identified the artists that most complement his off-kilter rap style.  Listen to Drayco’s collab with LUCKI, Dirty Money, for example.   

Just from the first few lines of the project, I was expecting each song to sound exactly the same.  And while the consistency is definitely a positive characteristic of Drayco, each song was unique while still bringing the album full circle.  My favorite track byfar was Doin Bad Shit Again.  This track provides the straight punchline bars that old hip-hop heads constantly demand from younger up-and-coming artists, while still staying true to his indifferent, “fuck you” attitude.  

Take a listen to the project below, and be sure to let Drayco know what you think of it.


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