Enjoy This Photoset Capturing the Authenticity + Vibrance of Cuba

Prior to leaving us for pure bliss and vacations, President Obama strengthened Cuban relations with the United States.  It’s no longer far-fetched to consider Cuba as a vacation destination – in fact, direct flights from the United States to Cuba are even available!

I’ve had a few friends visit Cuba on vacation (and watched the Keeping Up with Kardashians special if we’re being real) and have never heard a negative about the experience.  Everyone loves the authenticity of the country and how it seems to be untouched by the pressures of Western tourism.  It’s a privilege to encounter a country’s true culture – that is, culture represented without bits and pieces of Western life forced for the sake of tourists’ comfort.

I struggle with what most deem as authentic or historic.  Similar to other Caribbean destinations, Americans visit with the intention of observing “the other” – we want to experience the lives of the underprivileged with the comfort in knowing that we could return home to our safe suburbias. Regardless, Cuba is high on my travel bucket list. If we’re being honest, this authenticity likely won’t remain for much longer, so visit as soon as you possibly can.

The pictures I loved most in the slideshow were those highlighting the lives of the Cuban people.  Photos can tell you everything you need to know about a person – and what I gather is the immense cultural and national pride held by the men and women of Cuba.

Take a look at the photo set below, provided by @mflaws and @_jaycastle.

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