LISTEN: New Electronic Hip-Hop Group, W3ThePeople, Is Uniting Through Peace, Positivity, and Groovy Tunes

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New electronic hip-hop group, W3ThePeople, is banging on your door and forcing you to listen to their newest single, Light Year.

Whether you’re an avid fan of hip-hop or looking for a new sound, this group is pushing messages of positivity to all types of people and urging us to be open-minded without labels.  Clearly this is difficult as I opened up this review by grouping them into a genre, “electronic hip-hop.”  According to W3ThePeople, their sound is:

a single solvent to a few musical genres.  It is Electronic Hip Pop and the female Jazz vocals of Laura Nahas colliding at the harshest intersection of beauty. It’s full of splashes of color you don’t normally get to hear when people are rapping and singing. W3 combine brand new expansive soundscapes with social commentary. Everything is monolithic. Massive and united. It’s part art, part articulation of what WE, The People can achieve through unity.

To me, the best part of W3 is that it can include anyone. The colorful vibrancy and diversity of the group is apparent as soon as you click play – and because of this, anyone can feel a part of their united mission to spread positivity and peace.


The group includes three high school friends, each with a unique sound and musical talent – Deven Khoury, Laura Nahas and Steven Rutherford.  Deven and Steven provide the lyricism that offer the hip-hop sound.  Laura provides the female jazz vocals that bring each track to new heights.  Each artist could easily stand alone, however, the energy that they collectively contribute as a group is unmatched.

Light Year, W3ThePeople’s first single, is a brief introduction to the electricity of the group.


Take a listen to Light Year below and join them in Indy on Saturday, April 22nd (Yes, Earth Day) for the album listening party.  


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